About Us

GPR, CPR, Electromagnetic Surveys in Western Australia

The network of underground utilities that we rely on in Western Australia is constantly growing, which makes it increasingly difficult and dangerous for those who work in the excavation business. Builders, landscapers, and engineers need to ensure that utility lines aren’t damaged during the digging process.

Subsurface Detection specialises in the detection and mapping of underground services and potential hazards for Western Australia’s engineering, construction, commercial, mining, and residential sectors.

Established in 2001, we use the latest subsurface technology to produce comprehensive data regarding the identity and location of underground utilities in the Perth metropolitan area and throughout regional WA, including Optic Fibre, Gas, and Power.

We understand the risks of excavating the ground and coring concrete slabs with the unforseen hazard of now knowing the locations of services and/or other potential hazards. Having had many years of experience in the locating industry, we are well equipped to locate all types of anomalies.

Subsurface Detection is a member of the National Underground Cable Locating Association (NUCLA). Our technicians travel extensively throughout Western Australia and regularly conduct surveys in other states of Australia, as well as overseas.

Our range of locators includes:

  • Concrete Penetrating Radars
  • Electromagnetic Pipe Locators
  • Ground Penetrating Radars

These locators enable us to offer high professional standards to our customers. We can locate utilities underground and through concrete structures with no destruction to the work area.
Once the surveys are completed, we mark the ground to detail the location and depth of all services, and if required, provide a utility mapping survey and additional detailed reports.
For further information, please contact Subsurface Detection on (08) 9453 1989 or email subradar@westnet.com.au